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By installing a solar PV system retailers and wholesalers can benefit from lower energy bills to reduce overheads and remain competitive. Furthermore, a solar PV system also demonstrates a positive consideration for the environment to your customers.

Retailers and wholesalers generally have two things in common; typically operating 7 days a week, they have very high energy bills and they also have large premises with unused roof space. With the retail and wholesale sector an increasingly competitive industry, especially with competition online, many ‘bricks and mortar’ companies are looking to reduce their overheads, such as energy bills, to remain competitive.

Reduce energy bills with a solar PV system

Your otherwise unused roof space can be utilised to help you save money on your energy bills by installing a solar PV system.

Show your customers that you care for the environment

With an increasing number of retailers promoting their environmental values over their competition, is it now time to revisit your own? Although consumers are still driven largely by price and quality, environmental policies do affect the behaviour of some consumers – and this is likely to have more impact with time.

Energy technology not only reduces your bills, but a solar PV system allows you to generate your own green energy, reducing your demand from the grid and subsequently reducing your carbon footprint.

LED Lighting can save you up to 90% on lighting costs

With wholesalers generally having to illuminate large facilities, the same applies to retailers although depending on the nature of your business, your requirements for specific lighting (i.e. high illumination for showrooms, etc) can be very important.

Whatever your business, lighting in this sector can account for a large percentage of your energy consumption and by replacing your lighting with an LED lighting system, you could see savings up to 90%. With savings this high, clients typically see the system paying for itself in as little as 2.5 years.