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Your school can benefit from free solar to give you an operating solution with the benefit of being cash flow positive from day one.

We have extensive experience in the education sector having worked on various university sites, colleges, academies and schools all over the UK; installs are generally advised out of term to minimise any safety concerns and disruption to the students and staff.

Educational premises are associated with having large buildings, often spread across multiple sites. With ample roof space available, most clients are applicable to take advantage of a free solar PV systems.

A Grid Tied Solar System is ideal for Schools as a school seldomly requires to operate during the evening hours. During day time schools and universities can take full advantage of the solar power produced and after the mid day when the utilization is minimized the same electricity produced by the solar panels can be sold to national grid hence adding a tremendous financial advantage.

Although energy bill savings are generally the main motivator for schools to invest in energy technology, it is becoming more desirable for schools to employ a level of sustainability and environmental awareness; energy technology installations such as solar and LED can be a huge contributor in educations the students about the green environment initiatives.