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Savings on energy bills

Just like all installations, the amount of electricity your system will generate is dependent on many factors including your location, roof pitch, roof orientation and also how much and when you use your electricity at home.

The feed-in tariff will also pay you for every unit of electricity you generate regardless if you use the electricity or not. Furthermore, the tariff also gives you an export payment for every unit you export back to the grid. The tariff assumes you will use half of the energy you generate, so the export payment you receive is based on half of the generation total.

When you have a solar PV system installed at your home, it will automatically feed the power you’ve generated to your appliances and other electrical demands, so a lot of the power you use during the day will be free. During the night times, or if you use more energy than you produce, your power supply will switch back to the grid. You won’t notice any disruption or change – just smaller bills.

To make the most of all that free electricity, it’s best to use appliances like dishwashers and washing machines during the day. If you produce more than you use during the day, any excess will be exported into the national grid for others to use.

Battery storage solutions

JIGSAW Engineering Technologies also offer solar battery storage solutions to allow you to store surplus electricity generated by your PV system to be used when it’s needed (i.e. during the evenings when the system isn’t generating). Please send us an RFQ if you are interested in this solution and our technical team will prepare a quotation for you.