With the development of China’s economy, the new rural construction to speed up the pace of rural road lighting project is All In One LED Solar Street Light also the focus of each new rural construction, the emergence of new rural integrated solar street lights is to solve the rural environment restrictions on the installation of traditional street dilemma, Integrated solar street lights in the new rural construction play a “star” role.

Solar energy is clean and pollution-free and renewable green energy. Utilizing solar power, unparalleled cleanliness, high safety, relatively extensive and sufficient energy, long life and maintenance-free benefits from other conventional sources of energy, photovoltaic energy is considered to be the twenty-first century The most important new energy.

Integrated solar street light is a highly efficient solar panels, high luminous efficiency LED lamps, intelligent controller, anti-theft installation bracket and other concentrated in one of the solar street lights, so the integration of solar street light installation is simple, light weight, the general two workers in the Without the use of heavy equipment and tools, only a product with a wrench in 5 minutes to complete the installation.

Integrated solar street lamp works: the traditional principle of working principle of solar lights is basically the same, but the integration of solar street lamp, battery, battery, controller system is more concentrated.

The biggest advantage of integrated solar street lights is the costly installation and commissioning of expensive installations, as well as the cost of product transportation, usually only the cost of traditional street lamps 1/5.


All In One LED Solar Street Light Integration of solar street lights in the new rural construction is not only loved by the people, but also save the cost of electricity and maintenance costs later, solar energy integrated street lighting in the development of rural road lighting play an important role.

Integrated solar street lights with four different styles, selectivity, handsome in appearance, high-end products, easy installation, energy saving, green, well received by the majority of customers love.

First, the integration of solar street light is used as a power supply for solar energy to provide night road lighting, poles and battery components integrated design, with wind resistance, the internal use of intelligent charge and discharge and microcomputer light, when the control technology. Solar street light with high efficiency lighting design, with high All In One LED Solar Street Light brightness, easy installation, stable and reliable, not laying the cable, do not consume conventional energy, long life and other advantages. Mainly applicable to urban roads, community squares, industrial parks, tourist attractions, park greening, units, outdoor parking, rural roads and other places of lighting lighting. Solar street light consists of the following components: solar panels, solar controllers, battery pack, light source, light pole and lamp shell, and some also configure the inverter.