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By installing a self funded or leased solar PV system, third party logistics companies can reduce energy bills and improve their green credentials with the added benefit of improved client relationships.

Typically with large warehouses and transport facilities, this sector offers a wealth of opportunity for solar PV installs, turning otherwise unused roof space into a technology investment to make huge savings on energy bills.

Save on energy bills with free solar

Although it’s not uncommon for independent transport facilities and logistics companies to self-fund solar PV installations, larger third party logistics (3PL) providers are more suited to Bank Funded Solar PV Plants for which they can pay back on easy installments, where a common requirement is to save money on energy bills across multiple sites.

Reduce your carbon footprint & improve client relationships

With a solar PV system, you are reducing the carbon footprint of your supply chain which is a very desirable factor to many clients of 3PL providers. With companies under increasing pressure from the Government to reduce their carbon emissions, choosing an outsourced logistics partner that is actively reducing their impact on the environment can help strengthen existing relationships and start new ones.