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Large roof spaces make power intensive manufacturers a perfect candidate for solar PV.

In addition to greatly reduced energy bills, renewable technology also helps you save the environment and improve supplychain relationships by reducing your carbon footprint.

Collectively, manufacturing is the sector that undeniably uses the most power thanks to energy intensive machinery and processing, particularly textile units and metal processing manufacturers. However, the higher the electricity consumption, the more you can save on your energy bills.

Cost savings from day one with a free solar PV system

Manufacturing companies generally have large roofs, suitable for large solar PV systems required to generate the high amounts of electricity required. Although you will get the best return in the long term for self-funding a system, a bank leased solar system is also an option which can be a great solution for having a solar PV system installed at no cost, whilst still allowing you to make huge savings on energy bills throughout the 20-40 year term.

A PV Diesel Grid Tied system will be perfect solution for industry with three options — Solar — Grid — and backup generators. This sytem will not only feed your load but will also add values on your profit spreadsheet by exporting the surplus electricity to national grid.