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At JIGSAW we follow highest industry standard, we are a team and every element of the team is an integral part of the puzzle which forms a satisfying image of technology solutions for our customer. Our departments are carefully designed and equipped with state of the art facilities to ensure that we delivery excellence throughout — from initiation to closure.

Our Marketing Department iIs responsible for making our values clear to potential customers/partners, as well as the features of our products/services, as well as analyzing customer satisfaction with the objective of developing an exchange that simultaneously satisfies the objectives of individuals and organizations.

Manages all aspects of relations with our customers, investors and partners, providing required assistance throughout the relationship. The Business Development department constantly works to find new opportunities for development, analyzing PPAs or incentive programs and financing plans with major credit institutions and development banks

Our Technical and Pre-Sales Department supervises the technical aspects of projects: from initial survey through commissioning, working with sales, development, purchasing and logistics departments. It also makes use of qualified designers, who are international certified by leading brands of the industry and have extensive knowledge base being BSc Engineers and Masters in their relevant fields.

We select all the individual components, working with certified suppliers and leading international shippers, thereby ensuring the best combination of quality, reliability and costs, to guarantee high quality and reliability for the entire system

Our Administration Team is responsible for all the general, administrative and authorization procedures and institutional tasks. In administration we follow the best industry practices of both HR and Administration complying with international standards of ISO.

JET guarantees efficient O&M service for the entire useful life of the system. We go hand in hand with you and provide you hastle free service.